Mother's Day 2017

To put it simply, Mother's day was everything it's supposed to be. It has been awhile since I've seen her so I blocked off the entire day for my favorite lady. I headed out right after coffee and we started the day off by eating breakfast together and catching up. I shared some of my latest photos and she explained her new smoothie combinations.

During our meal my mom mentioned how she still hadn't gotten enough Mother's Day gifts for my sister who would be on her way over to the house in the next few hours. Somehow we got on the topic of how easily my brother in law gets sun burnt so we decided to get them an aloe plant. Aloe is often seen on skin care products so I'm like 'good call mom!' I have an aloe plant but I never thought to splice it open and put it on my skin. It does taste terrible though so maybe don't apply it to your daily life in that way.

After breakfast we got in the car and drove to the Home Depot. You know how you can see all the plants sitting outside from the parking lot? It was in this moment that I realized that I too, would be leaving the store with new plants. We found a solid aloe sprout for my sister and then my mother mentioned this thing called an oasis. Apparently joining other succulents with your aloe makes for an oasis. Now you are probably imagining a room full of large green plants but what I had in mind was more like a bigger pot than the one I have, one aloe, two succulents and a small cactus. This particular store didn't have any cacti available so I got three succulents instead. An oasis in the making, for sure. Now all we needed was new pots and fresh soil. We found what we needed, went home and re-potted everything with the fresh soil. How many people can say they played in dirt with their mother on mother's day? That's right, not many!

Shortly after the clean up my sister, brother in law and two nephews arrived. My mother was smiling from ear to ear. She's one of those people that finds the most joy in the simplest of things. Having her daughter, sons, and grandchildren all under one roof mean the world to her. Home cooked meals have become a rarity in my life so unfortunately my contributions to table talk were limited. While I was savoring every bite I noticed my nephews were not as focused. Someone uttered the words cake so that was all they could think about. They don't get to eat sweet often so to them it probably felt like a vacation at grandma's. Due to their lack of focus a piece of broccoli ended up on my foot. I am not ready for kids and totally content with being uncle JT.

Now that dinner was over and the cake was demolished my oldest nephew says "somebody play with me" so we all went out back to the grassy area. Again I saw my mother smiling from ear to ear numerous times. My nephew is into soccer so we kicked the ball around and I showed him how to use different parts of his foot to strike the ball. Then out came a toy baseball bat. My nephew called himself pitching to his father which was quite entertaining. It was right around this time I stared to miss my camera. Once my brother in law was all swung out, I saw bubbles out the corner of my eye. My youngest nephew loves bubbles. He tries his best to make them work but his little hands just don't have enough authority to make it happen. My mom offered to help him and he gladly accepted. I went to get my camera and proceeded to get lost in the moment. 

The next half hour or so were really special. To experience generations of your family interact is truly memorable. It reminded me that I was once young but I will soon be old. I was inspired to really appreciate the moment. From now on, whenever I think of Mother's Day I will think of this day. The next few minutes would sum it all up for me. What it means to be a mother is more than words can explain. You just have to feel it.

Thank You to all the wonderful mothers out there shedding that unconditional love that only a mother can.